Carpet Water Damage

Water Damage

Carpet Cleaning Water Damage Services

Do you have water damage in your home?  Sunstates Qualified Water Damage Technicians will respond immediately in our emergency response vehicles to assess the extent of the water damage and minimise the devastation to your home or business. 

We will inspect the water damage and implement restoration as necessary for bacteria removal, mould remediation, cleaning, drying and removal of water stains.  If the damage is extensive, we can also include drying of wall boards and walls as well as drying of concrete or timber floors, doors and any other materials in the room.

Carpet Drying

Carpet Cleaning Carpet Drying

Extensive water damage to a carpet often means it is necessary to completely replace the carpet.  However, if the damage is more minor – such as a bath overflow or rain coming in through the window, the carpet can often be saved.

Dehumidifiers and high volume rapid dryers can be used to dry accidental damage which is minimal or segregated to one area.

Ask our Qualified Water Damage Technicians to assess the seriousness of the damage and advise whether the carpet can be effectively dried or whether it needs to be replaced.


Bacteria Removal

Carpet Cleaning Bacteria Removal

Bacteria and mildew is often a side effect of flood and water damage, and for health reasons, it is very important that these are removed.  The Qualified Water Damage Technicians at Sunstate can offer a quick response to any home or business affected by bacteria and mildew formed from water damage.

Our deep cleansing methods use chemicals that are 100% safe, so our technicians can restore your carpet or flooring to its pristine condition and ensure that any dangerous bacteria is completely removed  If you are selling or buying a home, we can also provide a Bacteria Swab       Test with a Certificate of Clearance.


Floor Drying

Carpet Cleaning Floor Drying

Often when there has been water damage, not only is the carpet wet but the water has soaked through to the flooring underneath and caused unseen damage there as well.

Before carpeting can be replaced it is essential to ensure the flooring has been dried out.  This applies whether the flooring is concrete or timber.

Drying flooring involves draining the water out then using high volume rapid dryers and dehumidifiers.  The process may take some time, but it is important that the floor has been completely dried.


Our Qualified Water Damage Technicians are fully insured and licensed to ensure that any and all your flood or water damage repirs, replacements and remediations are done to your satisfaction and of course, your insurers approval.